The Sleep Schedule

As stated in my first post I made those many ten minutes ago the sleep cycle I will be attempting is known as the Dual-Core Cycle. The name is derived from having two main “core” sleeps supplemented with one or more naps. My particular variation on the Dual-Core Cycle will consist of two half-hour naps but I hope to shorten these to twenty minutes as my body adapts to this new schedule. The current plan was thrown together in roughly five minutes at 1 in the morning so this will probably change drastically. My two “core” sleeps will be a 2.5 hour sleep from 3:00AM-5:00AM and a 1.5 hour sleep from 4:00PM-5:30PM. My naps will be from 9AM-9:30AM and 9:00PM-9:30PM (of course I managed to start this on the one day I have something planned at 9AM so who knows what tomorrow brings?).

The current plan is centered around leaving 6 hours open during the day for classes and 5 hours open at night for “Adventure” (Adventures blog coming soon). The times I am awake are relatively normal but just much, much longer tan most people. This plan will have me sleeping roughly 20% of the day versus 33% for a regular 8 hour monophasic schedule.


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